Benefits of Using LED Bulbs

Do you need the bulb to deliver 95% of energy as heat and 5 % as light or 5 % of heat and 95% as light? There is no doubt that you need 95% of energy as light and this is what LED bulbs assure when compared with a fluorescent light that makes the just opposite. At present most of the home, offices, and workplaces make use of LED bulbs for various lighting needs. There are several benefits of using LED lights and here are some among them.

Energy efficient

As said above LED lights are more energy efficient than traditional lights. Maximum percentage of energy is converted into light by reducing the wastes. It consumes very less power when compared with the traditional fluorescent lights. In simple words, these bulbs give more light with minimum energy. The present electrical market provides fantastic collections of LED lights to select from for different purposes. Buy led bulbs online to get the latest models at affordable rates.

Environmental friendly

It is a responsibility to take care of the environment and everyone should feel accountable for it. Several environmental processes like recycling are already used to reduce the carbon footprint and volume of waste. But, do you know that the latest technologies help a lot to reduce carbon emissions. Yes, it is. One of the best examples for the same is LED lighting that comes with several environmental advantages. This s one of the important reasons that made most of the present homes and business places to make use of LED lights.

Free from toxic elements

LED lights are free from the toxic elements just like in fluorescent strip lights that are still used in most of the offices. It contains the noxious chemicals like mercury when disposed of with landfill waste can pollute the environment. Businesses have to dispose of these lights through a registered waste management team by paying for the service. Switching to LED bulbs help a lot to protect the environment at the same time of making you free from cost and time in compliant disposal.

Long life span

Longer the life span of a bulb means lesser the carbon emissions. An LED bulb has six times longer life than other types of lights. This makes you free from frequent replacements, limit carbon emission to great extent and reduce the volume of waste. LED bulbs make the better use of resources required in manufacturing, packaging, and transportation by reducing the numbers of lights when compared with fluorescent bulbs. 

Instant brightness

Most of the HID and fluorescent lamps takes at least three minutes to deliver maximum brightness. But LED bulb instantly delivers 100 percent without any delay. In the case of cold temperature, fluorescent lamps need comparatively higher voltage to start and the intensity of light is decreased. On the other hand, LED bulbs love cold temperature and the performance increases with the drop in operating temperature. This makes it the best lighting option to use in cold storage spaces, refrigerated display cases, and similar places. Reputed brands provide the best of led bulbs online india at economical rates to make shopping a real surprise.

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